Fuga Furniture, with its qualified sale and production equipments, produces accurate, fast and efficient solutions for your different product&service needs.

1. Approachment to the Project

Fuga Furniture analyzes the design concept and quality standards which the Project needs and accomplishes the aesthetic and functional solutions without labour loss by adapting itself to the customer’s time limitations.

2. Initial Research/Qualifications of the Project

The needs are determined together with the customer. After the priorities of the Project are decided, the measures and details of the place are evaluated and preliminary studies start. Alternative offers are prepared for financial informations, products, materials and variations. After the decision is made, the Project process begins.

3. Design

Our products, designed for original and high quality, are suitable for color, material and variant changes according to the needs and budget of the Project. By scaling our modular product groups according to the place, you can have the design in any measure you wish.

4. Engineering

Our available products can be adapted to the special needs of the Project thanks to the works of our devoted expert engineering team. The products whose static and endurance tests are completed are presented to the customer for approval, then the cost and purchasing researches start.

5. Production/Purchasing

Production planning team ensure that all sources to be used in the production of requested products and services will be provided in the planned place and time. The four elements we take as reference during production are: functional, reliable, durable, original.

6. Quality Control

Our quality control teams carefully examine the completed products and services for the perfection. They aim to reach the highest quality level by making sure that the determined standards are followed in the whole process from the production stage to packaging.

7. Logistics

Having the vital importance for the projects, logistics becomes more critical in international fields. With its special packaging system, Fuga carefully packs its products and places them attentively. Our expert logistics team aims to complete the right installation at the right time.

8. Montage/Installation

Pre-assembled products are stored safely for the delivery after packaging. Our expert montage team, responsible for the field installation, ensures the perfect montage of the products with each other and with the place in accordance with the design and drawings of the Project.

9. After-Sales Services

After the Project delivery and installation, our devoted after-sales services manage new demands with utmost care and professionalism. Fuga Furniture, which always stands by its customers, can quickly produce solutions for the repair/renewal needs of past projects within the framework of the continuity of the concept.

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